Looking to find the best types of kayak accessories, attachments and mounts for the Tandem Island Fishing Kayaks from Hobie Kayaks? We’ve got you covered.

We actually got the idea to write this blog post after discovering the below video is our most popular/viewed RAILBLAZA YoutTube video of all time! We figured if you liked it that much, we may as-well make a written version with more information on all the products featured.

The Mirage Tandem Island Fishing Kayak model from Hobie Kayaks can be seen in the above video, carrying a wide selection of  RAILBLAZA paddle sports mounts and accessories including the below:


The TracPort Dash on this particular Tandem Island Fishing Kayak is fitted to a pair of SidePort Mounts to hold multiple accessories without compromising the already limited space available on the kayak. The products you can attach could include fishing Rod Holders and maybe the ScreenGrabba R-Lock iPhone/Tablet Holder to hold your VHF and mobile phones secure and within easy reach.


The Rod Holder II can be seen mounted onto a RailMount/StarPort combo in the video. The service mount StarPort allows full circle rotation at 45 degree increments, simply by removing and rotating. Your fishing rod can also be adjusted with the side knob, allowing over 90 degrees of adjustment. With our affordable mounting system, it makes sense to fit extra StarPort mounts in key areas so you can easily install accessories for specific tasks.


The Platform Boom 150 is ideal for keeping sounders and chartplotters within reach while keeping the cockpit clear. With four moving joints, the Platform Boom 150 is especially handy on the Tandem Island Fishing Kayaks from Hobie Kayaks, as both users can access the mounted devices with ease.

Our accessories are designed to be compatible with one another, as you can see in the above video when they retask the SidePort pair for the Fillet Table II.

We have a large range of RAILBLAZA accessories – for instance, the EYEi25 can be used as a solid tie down, or as an attachment point. The entire RAILBLAZA product range offers countless ways to enhance your next kayak fishing trip. The Tandem Island Fishing Kayaks from Hobie Kayaks isare yet another great kayak model that is perfectly suited to our system and product range.