RAILBLAZA R-Lock Camera Mounts

New Improved – Lockable Friction Joints

At RAILBLAZA HQ we have been working over the last 12 Months on improving our friction joints. The result is a new system, where the rotating joints can be locked, and the middle knuckle joint is adjustable. We have named it R-Lock, and we think it’s the easiest camera holder to use.

As users of our camera mounts will tell you, the easy, single-handed adjustment of RAILBLAZA camera mounts makes them a market leader. The new camera mounts still do all the same things, but have the added lock feature on the swivels, and the knuckle joint is now adjustable. As usual, these are made in New Zealand from high quality materials, and are fully UV proof.

  • Quick and easy single-handed adjustment using the lockable R-Lock friction joints
  • R-Lock swivel joints can be locked, adjustable knuckle joint
  • Unscrew GoPro mount to use ¼ 20” screw
  • Light-weight and rigid

The first two products getting the R-Lock upgrade are the Camera Boom 600, and the Camera Mount, these will be followed by a range of mounts for sounders.

There’s a reason why these fully adjustable GoPro mounts are so popular! Like all RAILBLAZA products, these camera mounts are super easy to install and the ideal way to mount your GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 5 and all other brands of action cams. It certainly makes capturing those niggly wide shots a breeze while you’re on the water. These are one of the most popular GoPro mounting accessories on the market for capturing heavy duty action – you can literally mount them anywhere and they’ll just hold the camera how you need it.