TracLoader Mount for Talon


This mounting base allows tool-free installation directly into the track on a Minn-Kota Talon. This unique base wraps around towards the bow facing side of the talon to provide a perfect mounting location for a RAILBLAZA Camera Mount.

  • Super Strong Made from High quality, UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced polymers.
  • Tool-free installation, no drilling required.
  • Holds any RAILBLAZA accessory using the StarPort mounting system
  • Also available as an E-series with a USB port

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Tracloader Mount for Talon

What You Get

StarPort mounted to TracLoader plate.
2 x Stainless Steel T-Bolts with Thumb nuts

Construction Materials

StarPort UV resistant AES plastic
Mounting plates fiberglass-reinforced UV resistant plastics
Knobs UV resistant Nylon plastic
Locking slide – polycarbonate plastic
Stainless steel fasteners

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 5.52 × 2.17 in


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