TracPort Dash 500


The RAILBLAZA TracPort Dash 500 is meant for the serious angler who needs a to fit a wide variety of accessories into very little space.  The TracPort Dash 500 turns two StarPorts into four, allowing you to add extra rod holders, mobi holders, cup clams, etc. Once it’s set up, simply clip your RAILBLAZA accessories in and out, then remove the system when you’re finished for security, transport or storage! The new design is supplied with our StarPort bridge support, which allows the TracPort Dash to lock into place on your StarPorts firmly.

*Note- Each TracPort Dash 500 includes 4 StarPort compatible bases on the dash. Two additional StarPorts needed for mounting to deck.

  • Comes with 4 StarPorts, 2 StarPort adapters, infill extrusion and all fastenings needed to install and trim the rail.
  • Fits any RAILBLAZA StarPort, SidePort, RailMount, or RibPort
  • Turns two StarPorts into four, allowing room for more gear
  • New bridge support locks the TracPort Dash into place firmly
  • Bases not included

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TracPort Dash 500

RAILBLAZA Part Number:


What You Get

500mm TracPort extrusion with endcaps
4 x StarPort/TracNut Combos
Infill extrusion
2 x StarPort Adapters
All fastenings.

Construction Materials

Extrusion – Anodised aluminum
StarPort – UV stabilized AES plastic
Locking Slide – UV stabilized PC plastic
TracNut – UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced nylon plastic
Gasket – UV stabilized TPE Rubber
Stainless steel fasteners

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.57 × 23.62 × 5.12 in




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