Richard Jones

As a kid, I grew up fishing the gulf coast of Texas. Always out on the boat with my dad and grandfather. I had a knack for fishing as a kid, but slowly got away from it once I hit high school. It wasn’t until I moved up to Virginia that I got into fishing again. It started off fishing from piers, looking to catch whatever I could. Then I started studying about bass fishing and what I needed to do to catch one. Like most fishermen, the bank is where we start out. I wanted to venture further into waters that most could not get to. All I remember is watching a TV show one day with a guy fishing out of a kayak and the light went off in my head. I soon then started researching different kayaks and their purpose for fishing. It began as a small hobby in a cheap kayak which I have since upgraded a few times. Now I fish local tournaments and a few bigger events each year. My biggest passion that has come from the sport of kayak fishing is filming. Through my youtube channel “Free Spool Kayak Fishing”, I can reach out to others who are interested in the sport and help them grow. I tend to sway towards the entertainment side, with a few tips that help the most novice angler catch fish. Some of the biggest influences I have come from this team and I am happy to say that I can now call them teammates as each one of us continues to help grow this great community in various ways.

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