Chris Castro

Railblaza Brand Ambassador Chris Castro was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, but lived much of his early life overseas. As he traveled from Spain to France and on to England, fishing was always near – and the hobby developed into an early passion. Upon returning to the United States in 1992, he found himself far from the ocean and searching for creative ways to enjoy his pastime.

He started with what was then the “cool” thing to do, renting VHS fishing tapes from the local library. Later, when his father began a small tradition of fishing on offshore charters, he found a love of fishing big game such as red snapper, kingfish, Spanish mackerel and grouper out of Galveston, Texas offshore charters. After graduating high school and returning to Corpus Christi for college, Chris fished off banks and piers for years. His life changed after watching a Jim Sammons video called “Why We Fish.”

Passion for kayak fishing came on strong in 2013, and after three years of paddling, he decided to create a fishing show of his own. He truly believes that kayak fishing is next-level fishing, and so began his journey of filming fishing adventures. In 2015, Next Level Fishing TV launched on YouTube. His passion received notice in 2016, when awarded him Video of the Year. Today, Chris continues to produce his show and has gone on to contribute his adventures far beyond the camera. He has contributed to Kayak Angler Magazine, Florida Sportsman Magazine, Saltwater Angler Magazine, as he continues to share his love for the sport of kayak fishing.

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