Bill Lowen Q&A: “A Family Affair”

Bill Lowen’s 2021 Bass Master Elite Series Win – Pickwick

Bill Lowen is a founding member of the Bassmaster Elite Series. He’s an 11-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, and 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series Pickwick Lake Champion. He’s in his second year as part of Team Railblaza.

Railblaza: Describe a perfect fishing day, what time of year, and where would you go?

Lowen: Oh man! That is a tough one. I think all of us anglers enjoy the springtime. The springtime pre-spawn is when I feel like the biggest fish in the lake are up shallow and easier to catch. If I had to draw up the perfect day, it would be springtime with a warming trend. It doesn’t matter where I go, from Florida to New York, as long as I have those conditions.

Railblaza: Springtime is an excellent time; what do you want to use to catch those fish?

Lowen: If I had to choose only one rod to bring with me, I’m taking a flipping stick and something to flip. Whether it’s a Rage Bug, a Game Hawg, or a tube, that’s what I’m taking.

Railblaza: You’ve been running a GoPro boat mount during your tournament fishing; have you learned anything watching that footage afterward?

Lowen: The coolest thing for me is being able to turn it on and forget about it. I like to watch the footage where I missed a fish, see what kind of position I was in on the hookset, and what went wrong. It’s great to go back to those things and see what I need to work on. I pay close attention to the details, and it helps with that.

“It’s a family affair”

Railblaza: Anyone that knows you know you’re also an avid hunter. Describe a perfect day of hunting (where do you go and what do you hunt)?

Lowen: Just like with fishing, that is an almost impossible question. I live for turkey season, the rut in November with Whitetail Deer and bowhunting, then duck and goose season. This year has been one of those rare years where we’ve been off all spring turkey season; everyone in our household has tagged out in Indiana. Now, we’re about to switch over to Ohio. I can’t even pick a favorite time of year; they’re all special to me, especially now that all of my family is involved in hunting. It’s a family affair.

Railblaza: That’s what it is all about! Do you have any favorite hunting trips? Any deer or turkeys that you are incredibly proud of?

Lowen: Personally, not really. My biggest reward has been introducing my kids to hunting and watching them achieve their personal goals with it. A couple of years ago, my daughter killed a 170-inch deer; she was ten. Remembering their first hunts and personal bests are what I think back on most.

Railblaza: We know you film your tournament fishing and use several Railblaza products on the fishing side. Do you film your hunts or use any Railblaza products with your hunting?

Lowen: Yes, we film many of our hunts; like my bass boat, I have the Railblaza Camera Boom mount on our duck boat. Along with that, we get a lot of use out of the Railblaza gun mounts. I am a big stickler for gun safety, and the Railblaza gun mounts are a big part of keeping myself, my family, and our dog safe.

Railblaza: Happy to hear that! White kind of duck boat do you have?

Lowen: I have an Xpress 20DDP with a Yahama SHO 115; it’s outfitted with Railblaza, a blind, and grass camouflage. It’s home on the water during waterfowl season.

Railblaza: Finishing out with a fishing question. You won your first Elite Series event a year ago on Pickwick Lake; what’s your best memory from on the water at that tournament, the 8-pounder? What do you remember most about that moment?

Lowen: The 8-pounder was the fish of a lifetime for me, with the way it all played out. Going into weigh-in, I honestly thought I had let another one slip away. Once I got back to the dock and saw my family, I could tell they had been bawling their eyes out all day. At that point, I realized that maybe I had a shot at winning. Then, winning and seeing how much it meant to them sticks out to me.

Railblaza: That is an incredible memory, and we hope you get to experience that again soon! Best of luck the rest of the year with both fishing and hunting!

Lowen: Thank you!

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