The ATV Mount that Changed Everything

Every great company has a backstory, and RAILBLAZA’s involves an ATV mount. It was 2010 when some innovating minds in New Zealand came together in search of a way to hold items on the back of an all-terrain vehicle. Once that initial development was complete — and it became obvious they had a knack for mounting systems — the company’s founders realized their innovation could have an important impact on the marine world. Thus, modern-day RAILBLAZA was born.

Today, RAILBLAZA is dedicated to making people’s lives easier by creating durable, user-friendly mounting systems and accessories. With a dedication to customer service and a drive to continually improve and refine their product offerings, RAILBLAZA is your go-to source for mounting systems in areas such as marine, RVs and even farming.

From that first product shipment in March 2010, New Zealand-based RAILBLAZA has expanded its reach into nearly 50 countries. The company is still growing, going strong and finding innovative new ways to help customers hold everything.

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See What People Are Saying

“This camera mount is perfect! Very lightweight but yet durable. Adjustable to many directions. My pictures all look like a professional took them! GoPro easily mounts to this accessory!”

Marty Hughes

“I use these for my offshore kayak and they’re perfect. My big Ugly Stick Tiger rods, both casting and spinning, fit nicely and the holder has enough backbone to keep the rods secure when kingfish or sharks make strong runs, as long as the drag is not over tightened.”

Glenn Madden